Entertainment after securing pension
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“Entertainment attains special importance and receives all attention when society reaches the required degree of integration, and there is no longer a continuation of the struggle for survival, and a person can devote himself to entertainment and amusement at certain times. The more a person succeeds in securing his basic needs for life, the more the desire for entertainment emerges deep within him and attains an important position in him. Reports from ancient cultures indicate that there is a great relationship between the time allotted for entertainment, the level and development of means of entertainment and amusement, and the well-being of society on the material level”.

It should be noted that leisure hours have increased significantly among humans as a result of the industrial revolution and the spread of automated industry, and the issue of leisure and entertainment has become a general and comprehensive issue.

Handicrafts stage:

During the agricultural period and the stages that preceded the industrial revolution, when work was done either by hand or with primitive machines, the bulk of an individual’s time and energy was consumed by securing a living and the requirements of life. When he finished his work, he did not have additional strength to spend on entertainment and amusement, as He would lie in bed and rest to relieve himself of the day's fatigue and regain his energy for tomorrow's work. Only the wealthy and the wealthy who do not have the need to work hard for a living have tasted the taste of entertainment.

Machine replaces labor:

In the world of industry today, the machine has replaced the labor force. It now completes all the work that was done yesterday by the labor force and the strength of its arms and energies. Production has begun to increase and multiply significantly, in less time and with easier effort.

In the past, the weaver used to work twelve hours a day, using his hands, feet, eyes, thought, and all his physical powers, to produce several meters of medium-quality fabric, the sale of which provided him with a limited income that he used to support his daily affairs. He hardly finished his daily work except when he was tired, exhausted, and without desire. He has no ability to entertain himself.

In our present era, where advanced automated machines have replaced primitive machines and manpower in the textile industry, the conditions of the workers in this industry have changed completely. On the one hand, electrical energy and mechanical power have replaced manpower, whose work has become limited to supervising the work of the machines and sometimes doing some light work. On the other hand, the speed of the machines’ operation and their production capacity contributed to reducing working hours, meaning that when the textile worker finishes his work, he has plenty of time and a large reserve of energy, which prompts him to quickly take advantage of his free time and spend the rest of his energy on entertainment and enjoyment.

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