Boys and fathers
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Boys and fathers

Art, literature and popular culture throughout the ages have spoken of the special relationship between boys and fathers. From ancient times until modern times, fathers and children have had a close and sometimes complex relationship. Many men live their whole lives longing for their father's approval and love. How can you as a father build a safe and affectionate relationship with your son?

What children learn from their parents

Fathers are different from mothers, they are different in their appearance and in their tone and they play in a different way and they have a different approach from mothers with regard to raising children. That's fine. The boy learns from his father what a man is and what he does, without even realizing it. He learns about masculinity and what men like and don't like. Many men indicate that they either wanted to be the exact opposite of their fathers. Undoubtedly, parents have an influence on their growing children, and this influence begins from the moment of birth.

Challenges facing parents

Sometimes parents find their children's childhood full of challenges. They love the child and enjoy the sounds he makes and his new movements, but caring for him can seem mysterious and scary to them. The mother, who devotes her time to her child, inadvertently prevents the father from playing a more active role by insisting that the child be held, fed, and rocked in a specific way (her way). Fathers often disappear and plunge into work to secure the needs of the new family. Sometimes they do not reappear until years later, if they do appear.

The role of the father in raising children has changed radically over the past century or two. In previous generations, children were expected to follow in the footsteps of their fathers, making careers and learning their approach to life. But, during the nineteenth century, fathers began to go out to work and the criteria for a man's success slowly changed. Instead of a man's success being measured by the extent of family cohesion and the strength of the family business, it was measured by his income, the value of his house and the size of his car. And education has become ((women's work)) parents are busy earning their livelihood. Since then, generations of boys have grown up yearning for a father they barely know, someone who only comes home to eat dinner, check homework, listen to complaints about misbehavior, and watch some TV.



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