ant kingdom built in a human-like architectural manner
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The discovery of an ant kingdom built in a human-like architectural manner

One of the experiments showed an entire city built with elaborate engineering, which was built by a swarm of ants and made its home, after scientists poured quantities of cement into the empty nest, according to the newspaper "The Independent".

The scientists participating in this experiment poured 10 tons of cement into the abandoned anthill, and after the soft cement had dried, they began digging around it over a period of several weeks to see the results of their work.

Excavations showed that a huge city, once built by ants, was hidden under the surface of the earth.

Scientists said that in order to construct and excavate such a network, the ants needed to displace about 40 tons of dirt. In addition, each tunnel is designed in such a way as to ensure thorough ventilation and reduce travel time.

One said: "Everything seems to have been designed by the mind of a single architect but, of course, it is not."

It should be noted that recently it became known that biologists have found insects that have learned how to use hunting tools.

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