The concept of the problem
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Bingham (1965) defined the problem as (an obstacle that blocks the way to the abilities that have been formed by the individual to achieve a desired goal).

Travers (Ttravers, 1977) defines the problem as the state in which the individual feels imbalance and lack of previous experience that would benefit him in restoring the state of balance.

As for Lee (1992), he explained that the problem is an exciting situation that the individual is exposed to, and he had not been exposed to it previously, and therefore he does not have a ready response to it. Lee (1992) summarized other definitions of the problem, including:

• The problem is a question that has no solution at the moment it is asked.

• The problem is important that the individual can realize but does not have an immediate solution to it.

• The problem is an exciting situation that the individual is not prepared to respond to.

From this we extract basic elements that describe the general concept of the problem, including:

First: the existence of a situation that represents an obstacle that the individual tries to overcome.

Second: The problem imposes the existence of a goal that the individual seeks to reach, which is to solve the problem.

Third: The existence of a problem that generates a kind of tension and anxiety in the individual that pushes him to reach a solution.

Fourth: The problem constitutes a new situation that the individual is exposed to, and he does not have previous experience or a ready solution that enables him to face the situation directly). Here, Bingham (1965) indicates that any problem arises as a result of the presence of new, unfamiliar elements surrounded by relationships that the individual was not aware of.

But it seems that the problems that a person is exposed to are not one, but a variety, and they can differ depending on the way you look at the problem or the way you classify the problems.


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