The effect of excessive pampering on children
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1- Dependent personality: One of the most dangerous results of pampering is that the child becomes dependent on the mother, then dependent on the family, then dependent on others in all his life affairs, dependent morally and financially, because he was not used to relying on himself, but rather others used to do his affairs for him, and the matter may reach to dependence on narcotic substances if he encounters an obstacle in his life; Because he does not have strategies for coping with pressure because his parents did not give him the opportunity to face any pressure by himself, and he did not learn patience and delaying gratification, but he got used to immediate gratification.

2- Inability to assume responsibility: One of the negative results of excessive pampering is that the child grows up unable to bear responsibility because he has not been trained to do so little by little, starting with making his bed and his school bag and ending with taking responsibility for himself in matters that concern him, and therefore it may weaken the level of academic achievement of the child Because he cannot bear the responsibility of studying, and he may run away from school, from military service, and from the marital home, returning to his mother (or her mother) to solve their problems for them.

3- Selfishness: the spoiled child fulfills all his desires, and therefore he thinks that all things belong to him, and not to anyone else. Thinking he or she has the right, and therefore does not give anything to anyone.

4- Inability to make decisions.

5- Anarchist: because he was never punished for bad behavior, and he did not learn the system.

6- The escaping methods in the face of pressures: such as escaping from school, escaping from bearing responsibilities, escaping from the responsibilities of marriage after that, escaping by sleeping, and escaping with addiction.

7- Inability to establish successful relationships: because he becomes selfish and self-loving, unable to give as he is used to taking only.

8- Stubbornness: Excessive pampering makes the child stubborn because he is unable to carry out any request or order, because he is used to being responsible.

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