cardio training exercises
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How do you do cardio training exercises?

Russian trainer Anastasia Yurkova advised alternating cardio training exercises with more relaxing exercises such as yoga.

The Russian trainer said that it is important for people to maintain and strengthen the cardiovascular system, and for this it is better to alternate between cardio training exercises with more relaxing exercises. The heart and other organs should be alternated with calmer exercises such as yoga.

Alternating stress on the heart with more relaxing exercises, according to the trainer, will help restore the normal functioning of all body systems, which always gives a tangible result.

At the same time, if a person suffers from certain problems in the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to start reducing coffee intake. And Russian nutritionist Michael Ginzburg advised not to drink more than four cups of coffee a day.

He said: "If you feel pain or weakness that may be caused by a heart disease, you should consult a doctor immediately."

Currently, according to Ginsburg, there are many modern methods for diagnosing and treating problems with the cardiovascular system. Russian doctors have many modern technologies that greatly simplify the treatment of patients.

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