unprecedented weather conditions in the future
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Researchers warn of "unprecedented" weather conditions in the future

Researchers have warned of unprecedented climate conditions in the future due to global warming, which will expose more than a fifth of humanity to extreme heat that could be life-threatening by the end of the century.

According to the study, the current human activities around the world, which lead to an increase in the Earth's temperature by about "2.7" degrees, by 2080-2100, could lead to an "unprecedented heat" effect on a third of the world's population.

At this rate, heat waves will mainly affect the populations of India, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan, given the density of population and climate in these countries.

According to the study published in the scientific journal "Nature Sustainability": "About 600 million people (about 9% of the population) around the world already suffer from climatic anomalies, and they were excluded from the "human climatic environment" in which society evolved.

According to the study authors, there is a range of optimal climates in which societies in countries with high population concentration can actively develop, covering an average annual temperature of 13 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Extremely high temperatures are directly linked to negative factors such as increased mortality, as well as migration, the spread of infectious diseases and the spread of conflict.

The authors noted that the study's findings clearly show the need for stronger policy action to reduce human impact on global climate change.

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