Social dimensions of communication
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Social communication is to communicate with people and their social relations that bind and prevail between them and in the specific roles they contain in their daily personal or professional life.

In this social field, most researchers say that human society cannot live without communication between its members, just as communication can only occur within and through a social structure, that is, the communication process cannot take place and occur by itself, but it is staring as an initial assumption of the process. The social process is considered an initial assumption for communication that can occur between members of society

Mass communication in general plays an important role in the field of cultural integration at the general social level in which it occurs. Because it has the power of attachment and social responsibilities that enables to play a correct and sound role.

In addition, theorists and researchers of different interests have realized that mass communication affects the values and attitudes of individuals who are exposed to it on the one hand, and its impact on people's values and attitudes on the other hand, and therefore those in charge of media campaigns directed to the masses must bear in mind important issues. And very special ones, such as the values that exist and are followed by the audience to whom it is addressed, and its different directions, opinions, customs and traditions if they want to succeed and influence through it.

If mass communication has a close relationship with the general social content and because it operates within the framework of this social bond that links it directly to the social structure, then we must look at it as one of the many factors that affect the individual and their impact on social behavior.

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