Psychosocial dimensions
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Most researchers and workers in the field of psychology and its relationship to communication and its impact on it agree that communication is a basic and necessary social process based on interaction between the parties to communication, individuals or groups of individuals.

The majority of social psychological research has emphasized the importance of the role that communication plays in everything related to the psychological aspect of belonging to a particular group, and the extent to which appropriate social compatibility is achieved, which leads to staying in a state of balance with society. This relationship appears through fulfilling the primary and necessary needs of the child, during the lactation stage, which is considered the beginning of the contact that the child makes, which is the contact with the mother, who not only provides nourishment from the breast, but at the same time provides security and safety, which leads to the child's feeling With tenderness and love, which in turn leads to strengthening the relationship with the mother and later with the community, this relationship that the child cannot reach if the breastfeeding is not natural, but rather leads to the inability of social contact between the child and his mother and the environment in which he lives.

As the child continues to develop, his contacts with family members increase, and this means satisfying another necessary need he has, which is belonging to the family, group, or place of work, which can only be reached through the multifaceted communication process, such as common ideas or goals.

Also, through the process of social communication that the individual performs, he satisfies other needs, such as success, compatibility, and social presence. As for the lack of access to a social report, it leads to frustration and a feeling of insignificance and status, and pushes the individual to deviate in most cases, or leads to a crack in the personality and anarchy.

On the other hand, the lack of effective and successful communication leads the individual to isolation, introversion, and staying alone, and the continuation of this situation for a long period of time and in the same place leads to the individual’s distance and separation from the society in which he lives, and this separation means the loss of the psychosocial identity, which is considered an essential pillar of person's social presence.

But if the individual has a great deal of knowledge of the methods of communication skills with others, then this means that he can establish successful social relationships, which means increasing the opportunity for self-realization and social success for the individual.

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