How to face depression
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How to face depression

Depression is a psychological state that a person go through to express his sadness and anger, and it may be very serious, and requires a doctor's care, and if your bad mood controls you, a day after a day, a week after a week or it turned to a clear depression, you should see a doctor.

You can also help yourself by doing the following:

First: keep yourself busy with constructive work

Depression feeds on inactivity, and movement is its natural enemy. The lazier you are, the more you desire laziness, and to combat stagnation, it is necessary to write down a daily work program from morning to evening, write down everything, including meals. Because if you're really depressed, the little tasks will seem big to you. Break complex activities into separate small steps, so they seem more solvable.

Second: help others

Physicians’ belief is increasing in the usefulness of the principle of (love for others) as a successful mean of achieving better health, and in the matter of voluntary work, social service and other friendly behaviors, such as shopping for a sick person, for example, should give good treatment results, as loneliness and being away from people is a major cause of depression.

Third: Make joy an item on your program.

Many people who suffer from depression give up the entertainments that give them pleasure, which complicates matters further. To change your lifestyle, include joyful activities in your daily program, focus on social interaction, and especially meetings with friends.

Fourth: Do sports regularly

Scientists believe that exercises such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling enhance self-confidence, increase a sense of well-being and strengthen determination, and it helps to relax and relieve stress that contributes to depression.

Fifth: Brighten your day

You can bring more light into your home by bringing in a brighter atmosphere inside, and by choosing an outdoor activity that you do during the day, on a natural light, like walking or running, to get natural light during a certain period of time each day.

Sixth: Know your mood swings.

People don't realize that their moods are always in flux, and instead think that their lives have turned for the worse than before. Therefore, a man who enjoys a good mood from the morning may feel love for his wife, job, and loved ones, and may feel optimistic about his future and comfort about his past.

Seventh: Make your hearts feel content and calm.

A feeling of contentment and peace is something that a person makes himself, and it is not one of the things that come to him without his will.

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