Iraq maintains the pace of population increase
8:32:16 2023-03-26 46

The Ministry of Planning announced new indicators that showed maintaining the pace of population increase in the country at a rate of one million people annually.

In the meantime, the International Labor Organization confirmed that Iraq has not yet benefited from the demographic gift in the employment of youth and the labor force as a result of the weak ability to generate increasing jobs.

According to the indicators published by the Ministry of Planning, population estimates during the year 2022 reached 42,248,883 people, while population growth rates during the past year reached 2.5%.

And the official spokesman for the ministry, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, had previously stated that the country’s population is 41 million and 190 thousand people, according to the 2021 stats, indicating that this increase is normal, and if it continues, we may reach 80 million people by 2050.

Economists believe that it is necessary to urgently conduct a general population census, in order to find out the real indicators and know the exact percentages of the economically active population, as well as identify indicators of poverty, unemployment, disability, education, health and population status indicators.

For his part, the Social Security official at the International Labor Organization, Dr. Amjad Rabi, said during a dialogue forum organized by the Ministry of Planning: that Iraq is now in the first phase of the "window of economic opportunities", but it did not enjoy the growing number of young people and forces, and was unable to transform this demographic gift due to the poor ability to generate sufficient jobs to meet the increasing demand for work.

He added that the younger generation joining the labor force faces "deprivation of education", as only 51% of males and only 45% of girls are enrolled in secondary education, indicating that this educational gap leads to many costs, on the individuals themselves, society and the economy as a whole.

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