Deal with your problems
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Whatever problem you are facing; it must have a solution; But sometimes you have to look really hard for it. Try the following strategies:

● Define the problem: What is going on here? Be specific or realistic, as clear as possible, and break big problems down into small ones.

● Brainstorm all possible solutions to this problem: Think of all the possible solutions that come to your mind: let your imagination run wild.

● Evaluate the solutions available to you: Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions, and choose the one that you think is most appropriate for you.

● Develop an action plan: Now that you have chosen an effective solution, then look at ways to implement that plan for the solution? What do you need to do in order to activate that plan? Again, be as specific as possible.

● Execute the plan: Now you have to put your plan into action. And you can review it in your mind first or discuss it with a friend before working on it? That is if you need to.

● Evaluate the results: Did it work? If not, can you modify the plan? If the answer is no, try to re-expose and define the problem again, or try to search for other possible solutions.

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